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JB Training is an exciting and innovative training organisation, offering British Sign Language courses and Deaf Awareness tuition to individuals, community groups and businesses. Whatever the reasons for undergoing training, JB Training will enhance your confidence and offer practical advice and solutions to problems for everyday communication with Deaf and hard of hearing people.

Jacqueline Barnes-Jones

My name is Jacqueline Barnes-Jones and I am the Manager of JB Training.

I was born Deaf, into a hearing family. I am married to a Deaf man and we have two children, both hearing. BSL is the main language used in our home. In my spare time I enjoy many different sporting activities, including golf, squash and walking, and I also love spending time with my family and socialising with other Deaf people.

After I left College & University, I had the wonderful experience of travelling to New York - Camp USA, Ethiopia Deaf School and Sri Lanka on a cycling fund raising activity for NDCS. These left cherished, indelible memories.
In 2000, I competed my BA Hons degree in Deaf Educational studies and then continued on to achieve my Cert Ed. I have a number of other qualifications, including my pending BSL Language Level 6 with IBSL. I have worked in a variety of roles, which include Deaf Youth Project Co-ordinator, Family Communication Support Co-ordinator, Deaf Community Worker, Emotional Well-being Co-ordinator, Deaf Advocacy & Welfare Officer and Specialist Deaf Outreach Worker. These roles, among others, have given me a wealth of experience, enabling me to be a positive Deaf role model both to other Deaf and hearing people alike.

I have been teaching BSL since 2002 and set up my own business in 2012 focusing predominantly on signing classes, however I have since branched out teaching certified and bespoke Deaf Awareness to a variety of business domains. I now have a small team of teachers and a number of sign language classes in Darlington and Durham areas. I enjoy and have a passion for teaching BSL and Deaf Awareness, and would like to see more people choosing to learn BSL, in turn providing more accessibility to Deaf people in everyday life.

Susan Graham

My name is Susan Graham and I have been Deaf since birth. My parents are both hearing, but my grandparents are Deaf. I have one brother who is Deaf and my two children who are both hearing so I have a very mixed Deaf and hearing family. We use British Sign Language (BSL) at home.

I attended Boston Spa School; a boarding school for Deaf children. After school I went straight to work at a clothes factory, and then later trained as a hairdresser. Ten years ago I re-trained as a BSL teacher. I attended Preston University and am currently working towards my BSL Language level 6 with iBSL.

I have been teaching BSL for the past 8 years and I thoroughly enjoy my job and have achieved a 100% pass rate during that time. I joined JB Training in September 2014 and am enjoying working in Deaf friendly and positive environment. Due to my up-bringing in both Deaf and hearing worlds, I feel I can bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and depth to my teaching; aiding students learn a new language and culture.


Alison Stephenson

My name is Alison Stephenson.

I was born Deaf and am the only Deaf person in my family. I am married to a hearing man and have 2 lovely boys, one hearing and one deaf. At home we use a combination of BSL and speech. In my spare time I am a musician playing the Flute and Piano, I find it relaxing and enjoy teaching people that you do not have to hear music to take pleasure from it.

I have my Cert Ed, and a number of other qualifications including Equality and Diversity Level 2, BSL Level 3, and a Linguistics Qualification through the Deafness Cognition and Language Centre (DCAL) I am currently studying for my NVQ Level 4 in Leadership and Management and would like to achieve my BSL Level 6 in the future.

I started teaching in 2001, I teach a variety of courses including Deaf Awareness, BSL Level 1 and 2 and I also enjoy working with the NDCS as a Deaf Role model and Freelance Trainer. In the past I have been a Participation Officer for the NDCS and now I have my own training business and do a lot of Freelance work for other Businesses.

Teaching Deaf Awareness and BSL gives me a lot of satisfaction, I love seeing students develop in confidence and ability. I enjoy teaching a valuable skill that enables the closing of the gap of understanding between the hearing and deaf world.



Hi, I'm Charlotte and I'll be meeting you on your Level 6 programme; I can't wait to work with you all soon. I'm a fully qualified British Sign Language (BSL) and English Interpreter and have been since 2008.

I will be working alongside your Deaf teachers in delivering the interpreting modules focusing on voice over, interpreter skills and language translation.

I'm passionate about exploring both languages simultaneously and working across both cultures. Simply, you will have the best of big worlds! 

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